Water Testing

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Congratulations on taking interest in safe drinking water. 

STEP 1: The very first step you need to take:
Come to NWBRHC and get your water sampling kit.

The test costs $275.00.
Please bring a check or money order. Sorry we do not accept credit cards.

Enclosed in your water sampling kit are the following bottles to test for: 

  1. Lead & Arsenic
  2. Nitrates
  3. Bacteria
  4. And 2 Glass Vials for Volatile Organics

The state suggests testing your well water once a year at different times for bacteria, and every 3 years for volatile organics.

Please note that this test does not meet the Private Well Testing Act requirements for a real estate transaction.

Fill Bottles and Return on the first Monday of the month. Bring to NorthWest Bergen Regional Health Commission between the hours of 8:30am and 10:00am. (If the first Monday of the month is a holiday, bring the bottles on the second Monday of the month.)

Samples are to be taken the morning of the day you will be dropping them off at NWBRHC!

Please label each bottle with your name and address. Your personal return address labels will work great!

Please read instructions carefully and proceed with the testing as prescribed.

The laboratory suggests that you DO NOT take water samples from a pull out kitchen faucet.

Sample #1: Take the sample for lead & arsenic first. Using the “first draw” of water in the morning is critical to this test. Do not turn on any water faucets in the house before taking this sample. The theory is that the test should show the interaction of hardness in the water with any lead in piping or pipe solder as water lays in the system overnight. Put your name and address on the label.

Sample #2: The bottle for bacteria is sterile; so do not touch the inside of it or the cap. Remove the aerator, strainer, purification device, and rubber gasket from faucet before filling the bottle. You must sterilize the faucet opening to kill all living organisms by wiping the opening thoroughly with rubbing alcohol. Make sure to get the grime that accumulates in and around the opening. Then flush the opening for 2-3 minutes and then fill the bottle. Label the bottle with your name and address. It is very important that the faucet opening is cleaned thoroughly and that you DO NOT touch the inside of the bottle or cap.

Sample #3: The volatile organics test is done with two glass vials. Do not empty the liquid already contained in these bottles. These vials must be filled completely without any air bubbles (overfilling slightly and then capping will help to achieve this). Once capped, turn upside down. There should be no bubbles in the vials. Put your name and address on the label.

Sample #4: The nitrate test is done in the medium sized plastic bottle. Allow the water to run for 10 minutes before filling the bottle. Put your name and address on the label.
Samples will be delivered to the laboratory the same day as the test. Tests should be processed and reports sent to participant within 3-4 weeks by the lab. All questions concerning your test results should be directed to NorthWest Bergen Regional Health Commission.

If you have trouble with the report’s format, please call NWBRHC for clarification.

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