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Dog Bite Safety and Prevention

Dogs are beloved companions to millions of people worldwide, providing loyal friendship and endless joy. However, despite their reputation as "man's best friend," dogs can also pose a danger to humans, particularly when they feel threatened or scared.

Each year, countless individuals - particularly children - are bitten by dogs, resulting in injuries that range from minor to severe. While some dog bites may be unavoidable, many can be prevented with the proper education and precautions.

Below are five tips to help keep you and your family safe around dogs:

Respect a dog's personal space. Like humans, dogs have boundaries and may feel uncomfortable if someone invades their personal space. Always approach dogs slowly and avoid touching them without first getting their attention and permission.

Learn to read a dog's body language. Dogs communicate through body language, and understanding their signs of aggression or fear can help you recognize a potential attack before it happens. Avoid dogs that are growling, baring their teeth, or have a stiff body posture.

Do not disturb dogs when sleeping, eating, or caring for their puppies. Dogs can become very territorial and protective. Avoid approaching dogs when they are engaged in these activities.

Teach children to be gentle, calm, and respectful around dogs. Never allow a child to approach a dog without adult supervision.

Keep young children and dogs separated unless there is constant adult supervision. If you leave the room, even briefly, the dog and the child should be separated.

Practicing dog safety is essential for all dog owners and those who interact with dogs. Understanding a dog's body language, personal space, and boundaries can go a long way in preventing dog bites and promoting positive interactions with these beloved animals. Teaching children about dog safety from a young age is crucial to developing a healthy respect for dogs and learning how to interact with them safely.

Click HERE for more information on dog bite prevention and general pet safety.

Click HERE for legal information regarding pet ownership in NJ.

Remember, a little education and precaution can make all the difference in keeping our furry friends and ourselves happy and safe!

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