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Nurses make it better!

School nurses work with children, their families, school educators and the community. The school nurse’s role was historically viewed as providing episodic care to individual children. However, school nurses now often provide highly skilled nursing care to chronically ill and medically fragile children. School nurses are also responsible for educating the school community on health practices such as hearing and vision screening, prevention of injuries, prevention of communicable disease through immunization and promoting health through education. As a public health agency, we partner with school nurses to ensure they have the necessary resources to educate on infection prevention and promote overall health.

School Audits

To ensure compliance with N.J.A.C. 8:57 New Jersey State Sanitary Code, Immunization of Pupils in Schools, an annual audit of school immunization records is completed. Conducting an audit allows for accurate capture of current and pertinent data for assessing immunization status of a school community as well as any vulnerabilities should an outbreak occur.

Immunization Audit Information

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Tuberculosis Testing in NJ Schools

Guideline for Outbreak Investigations in Schools

New Jersey Administrative Code mandates that each school district/child care center immediately report any communicable diseases that are identified as reportable pursuant to N.J.A.C. 8:57‐1, whether confirmed or presumed, by telephone to the health officer of the jurisdiction in which the school is located. These regulations pertain to youth camps, child care centers, preschools, schools and institutions of higher education.

Food Allergy & Epinephrine Policies, Protocols and Reporting

School nurses play an important role in implementing policies and protocols that help ensure the timely treatment of anaphylaxis in their schools.

For more information regarding NWBRHC's Nursing Services, please contact:

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NWBRHC's Health Educator
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